Alan Sparks
Alvin Sparks
Status Living
Gender Male
Family Katie Sparks (daughter)
Anya Sparks (wife)
Actor Michael O'Neill

Alan Sparks is a former astronaut who now is the director of the privatized space program.

Biography Edit

Alan and Gordon Kern met with Molly Woods and questioned her about her mission report. She explained that the gap in the video tape was a mistake on her part when she was trying to restore the system from a power failure. Alan told Molly she would have to meet with a psychologist. Alan then met with Hideki Yasumoto and expressed his doubts about Molly's account.[1]

Alan learned from Molly that she was fourteen weeks pregnant. She wanted to know what he had done to her and, by implication, Harmon Kryger. Alan denied any responsibility for what had happened to Molly. He later spoke with Hideki, who suggested that "they" might already be here and made a reference to Katie's sacrifice.[2]

Quotations Edit

  • You were supposed to protect us.Molly to Alan [2]