"Care and Feeding"
Care and feeding 3
Season 1
Episode 09
Aired August 27, 2014
Recurring Charlie Bewley as Odin
Brad Beyer as Harmon Kryger
Tessa Ferrer as Katie Sparks
Tyler Hilton as Charlie Arthurs
Maury Sterling as Gordon Kern
Annie Wersching as Femi Dodd
Writer Mickey Fisher
Director Dan Attias
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"Care and Feeding" is the ninth episode of season one of Extant on CBS. It first aired on August 27, 2014 as part of a "special" presentation.

Synopsis Edit

The offspring is on the loose. And Molly is determined to find it.

After their attempt to rescue The Offspring from Claypool Industries, Molly and her team of Kern and Kryger are all headed in different directions. When The Offspring mysteriously vanished from Claypool, it left a slew of dead ISEA Operatives in its wake. Did The Offspring kill all of them? And now that it’s on the loose, is the entire nation at risk?

Kryger is convinced that The Offspring is dangerous and must be destroyed at all costs. Kern wants to support Molly’s wishes, since he’s suspicious of Commander Sparks. And Molly wants “her baby” back alive - whether it’s a real baby, or not.

Meanwhile, Julie’s boyfriend Odin is getting pretty chummy with Ethan, who’s eager for a new friend. Ethan even lets Odin “flip” him – which means changing Ethan’s power source by replacing a “battery” in his back. Yet we know that Odin does not have good intentions.

John goes to Yasumoto for help finding Molly, who’s trapped at Claypool Industries. He doesn’t know who else to trust.

Sparks has run off to an old family campground with a vision of his daughter – whom he sees as a young girl. Is he hallucinating? Sometimes, he sees Katie as a grown woman, the astronaut. Sometimes, she’s a child. Sparks also brought The Offspring and is keeping it alive, in hopes that it’ll revive his deceased daughter, Katie.

Molly escapes from Claypool with a captured operative. When his phone rings, she answers it. It’s Yasumoto. And he wants to talk. Yasumoto wants to team up with Molly, to find The Offspring. But why would Molly trust him, after all that’s happened? Because they both want the same thing, explains Yasumoto - to see her baby live. Yasumoto introduces Dr. Mason, an expert in extraterrestrial life. Dr. Mason will help Molly track down The Offspring. Molly heads off with Dr. Mason, convinced she has nowhere else to turn. But Dr. Mason’s first order of business is to destroy Molly’s phone. It’s a tracking device. As they head off to find her baby, we wonder – will Molly succeed? And will she come back alive?[1]

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