Derek Pearce
Derek Pearce
Appeared "More in Heaven and Earth"
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Actor Rocco Vienhage

Derek Pearce is the Aruna space mission specialist. When Molly Woods attempted to meet with him, he was found dead - he committed suicide.

Biography Edit

Derek was the Aruna mission specialist - he must have received Katie Sparks' distress call when she was on the Aruna space station. Molly tries to talk to Derek at his apartment however he shuns her away.

Molly discovers that Derek's luxury apartment was originally bought by a mining company called Claypool Industries for $5.2 million, who sold it to Derek for one dollar. Pearce eventually contacts Molly and arranges to meet with her at his apartment. However upon arrival, Molly finds that Derek committed suicide. She believes that someone else may have actually killed him in attempt to prevent him from telling Molly any of the Aruna mission's details.

She later finds out that Pearce's apartment was sold to him for $1 because Claypool Industries wanted to buy his silence over the death of the Aruna crew.[1]

References Edit

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