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Humanichs is a research effort attempting to design androids that will learn like humans learn, and behave like humans behave. The project was founded by John Woods and his research partner, Julie Gelineau. Ethan Woods is the first fully functioning prototype of the Humanichs project.

Whilst pitching his idea of the Humanichs project to potential investors, John introduces Ethan as the project's prototype and encounters the very hostile Femi Dodd, who declares that the project could pose a threat to humanity, and asks what would be done if the androids did overpower humans. John reacts bitterly to the thought of killing the androids and specifically, Ethan.

Although the Humanichs project is rejected by initial investors, Hideki Yasumoto of Yasumoto Corporation agrees to privately fund the project, using it as an opportunity to get closer to the Woods family and keep an eye on Molly.[1] As a result, Humanichs moved into its new facilities at the corporation, which features more technologically advanced machinery and a larger work space.

The project keeps track of Ethan's bodily functions, such as his processing speeds, through a holographic monitor in the center of the lab. [2]

Trivia: Odin is the only human who dislikes human robots. Not all human robots are good, some are bad. The good human robot is Ethan, but Lucy is one of the bad human robots.

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== Season 1 Ethan (the 1st robot Humanich) Season 2 Lucy (the 2nd robot human). ==

  1. Re-Entry
  2. Extinct