John Woods
John Woods
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Age 33-42
Family Molly Woods (wife)
Ethan Woods (son)
Actor Goran Visnjic

John Woods was Molly's husband. His company, Humanichs, designed androids, including his "son," Ethan. He is portrayed by cast member Goran Visnjic.

Biography Edit

John intervened after Ethan exhibited aggressive behavior toward a human child. John and Julie Gelineau use Ethan as a demonstration in an attempt to gain funding for the project. John loses his temper when challenged. After being denied funding by the board, including Femi Dodd, John meets with Hideki Yasumoto, who offers private funding. He appears in season 1 as a main character and the one who blind Ethan as his (and molly woods's robot human son.) in season 2 episode 1 he died by train runnning over him and someone lock the doors in car that John can't get out and save himself. Molly blames Julie for it, but later on she finds out that Taylor the evil robot was the one who killed her husband to stop him from shutting down the evil human robots solders.

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