Katie Sparks
Katie Sparks
Appeared "Nightmares"
"More in Heaven and Earth"
"Care and Feeding"
"A Pack of Cards"
Referenced "Extinct"
"Wish You Were Here"
Status Assumed dead (killed by alien and may have blown up when Molly destroyed the Seraphim)
Gender Female
Family Alan Sparks (father)
Anya Sparks (mother)
Actor Tessa Ferrer
Shree Crooks (girl)

Katie Sparks was an astronaut and the daughter of Alan Sparks.

Biography Edit

Katie died in space after violence broke out among members of the crew of the space station. In a video to her father, she told him she was going to eject herself into space and not to attempt to recover the station because it was infected. In the video, she had the same circular marks on her belly as Molly Woods had.[1]

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