Marcus Dawkins
Marcus Rawlins
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Family Tim Dawkins (brother)
Actor Sergio Harford

Marcus Dawkins was the ex -lover Molly Woods. He died young in an automobile accident. Molly was pregnant with Marcus's child at the time and lost the child.[1]

Biography Edit

On the Seraphim space station, Molly encounters what she believes to be Marcus. However, security footage which Molly deleted shows her apparently conversing with empty space.[2]

Molly sees Marcus in her kitchen. He once again reassures her that everything is okay.[3]

Molly suffers abdominal pain in her bedroom and flashes back to seeing Marcus on the space station.[1]

Molly has a vision of Marcus while John is taking blood for her DNA test.[4]

Molly has a vision of Marcus while undergoing surgery at sea; the vision includes the accident that killed Marcus and caused Molly to lose their unborn child.[5]

Quotations Edit

  • It's okay. — Marcus to Molly [2][3][1]
  • Your hair looks pretty. — Marcus to Molly[5]

References Edit