"More in Heaven and Earth"
Season 1
Episode 07
Aired August 20, 2014
Recurring Charlie Bewley as Odin
Brad Beyer as Harmon Kryger
Tessa Ferrer as Katie Sparks
Tyler Hilton as Charlie Arthurs
Maury Sterling as Gordon Kern
Annie Wersching as Femi Dodd
Writer Vanessa Reisen
Director Christine Moore
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"More in Heaven and Earth" is the seventh episode of season one of Extant on CBS. It first aired on August 20, 2014 as part of a "special" presentation.

Synopsis Edit

From the video Molly and John decoded, Molly learns that Sparks' own daughter, a fellow astronaut named Katie, also became strangely pregnant during a space mission. Yet, Sparks sent Molly on the same ship – leading to Molly’s pregnancy. Now, Molly is determined to get to the truth – and to make Sparks sweat. 

Meanwhile, Kern has Kryger tied up, trying to find out what Kryger did with the Aruna file. Kern doesn’t know that Kryger already gave the file to Molly and John which they decoded. 

In a strange twist of events, Ethan has new capabilities since his revival after losing power. One of these abilities is his newfound ability to speak and understand Japanese. John is freaked out. If his son/the Humanich prototype knows things he was never taught – what else could Ethan be capable of? 

Despite John’s warning that Sparks is dangerous, Molly transforms into a vigilante, confronting her boss about the failed Aruna mission that killed his own daughter. 

"What kind of father sends his daughter into harm’s way?” asks Molly. She tells Sparks he'd better pray every night for his deceased daughter’s forgiveness. And he better pray that he can stay out of Molly’s way. Because now that she knows that she was a pawn in Sparks’ plan, she’s determined to find her baby. And nothing is going to get in her way. 

Molly breaks into an empty office building related to a colleague’s recent death. There, she’s captured by a masked man, until she discovers that it is Kern, who’s there to save her. With Kern’s help, Molly escapes and is ushered into a car, driven by Kryger. It seems Kern is no longer under Sparks’ thumb. This time, he’s with Molly. 

Then, John decides to slow down Ethan’s progress by altering his computer programming, thinking it’s for Ethan’s own good. But John’s locked out of Ethan’s computer program. John’s creation has truly taken on a life of his own.[1]

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