Quinn Washington
Appeared "Shelter"
"What on Earth Is Wrong?"
Status Living
Gender Male
Family Maya Washington (deceased wife)
Molly Woods (daughter)
Ethan Woods ("grandson")
Actor Louis Gossett Jr.

Quinn Washington is Molly Woods's undependable father. He is a retired doctor and is estranged from Molly.

Biography Edit

Quinn has had a drinking problem in the past but claimed to have been sober for some time. After taking Ethan to eat, Quinn took him to a bar where he took advantage of Ethan's robotic precision to gamble. Quinn won until Ethan decided it was time to lose. On the way home, Ethan was taken by men working for Yasumoto Corporation. Quinn called the sheriff's department after telling Molly and John about the disappearance.[1]

Quinn asked John Woods about Molly and Ethan and John said he would let him know. Molly later had a video call from Quinn while she was in the hospital. When Molly's blood test revealed that she had not recently been pregnant, she called her father and picked up the towel that had her blood on it from when the family dog had bitten her.[2]

References Edit