Sam Barton
Sam Barton
Status Living
Gender Female
Family Billy (brother)
Actor Camryn Manheim

Sam is Molly’s best friend and closest confidant.

Biography Edit

Sam conducted a physical examination of Molly after the latter's return from space and discovered that Molly was pregnant. Molly asked for time to sort out the problem before Sam submitted her report to the International Space Exploration Agency.[1]

After delaying submitting the report on Molly Woods's condition to Alan Sparks, Sam told Molly that she had compared Molly's brain scan to that of Harmon Kryger and that both scans showed the same abnormality. Sam took Molly to a kennel where there was a functioning ultrasound machine. Sam found that Molly was carrying a normal fourteen-week fetus with a heartbeat. Molly told Sam about having spoken to Harmon and about having had a vision of Marcus Dawkins.[2]

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