Season 1
Episode 04
Aired July 30, 2014
Recurring Maury Sterling as Gordon Kern
Louis Gossett Jr. as Quinn Washington
Sergio Harford as Marcus Dawkins
Writer Greg Walker
Director Paris Barclay
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"Shelter" is the fourth episode of season one of Extant on CBS. It first aired on July 30, 2014.

Synopsis Edit

On the run from Director Sparks and the forces that want to do her harm, Molly heads with her family to a remote northern island to visit her father, Quinn, a former alcoholic who she hasn’t seen in years. In her childhood garage, Molly has all the parts to make a makeshift DNA tester. She and John just need one day to build the contraption and discover if it’s really John’s baby growing inside of her. Or is it something else?

Meanwhile, Sam is held captive back at the office, after they discovered her warning to Molly about Sparks. Luckily, Sam is able to fake a trip to the bathroom and dump Molly’s blood sample into the toilet before Sparks can reach her. When Sparks mentions Sam’s younger and mentally ill brother, Sam breaks and seems ready to do whatever Sparks might require in order to protect her family. 

Mr. Yasumoto oversees his minions who are building a life creating substance. But there are still some kinks to iron out, because when one scientist takes off his mask while working, he inhales the material, quickly asphyxiates and dies. 

At her childhood house, Molly asks her dad to take Ethan out for dinner, so she can have some alone time with John. Truth is – their DNA testing machine is ready and they need time to themselves to take Molly’s blood and find out the true origins of her baby. Molly’s dad ends up taking Ethan to a bar and has a drink, throwing away his sobriety. In a moment of confusion, Ethan is abducted while his grandfather is driving him home. In a desperate search for Ethan, John hits a police officer in anger when the officer refuses to search for a robot (aka Ethan), landing John in jail. Molly finds Ethan on the ground, his life force "turned off” like a common appliance, when a bright light approaches, taking Molly away. 

John stirs in jail, hoping that Molly’s found Ethan and all is well. But he doesn’t know what’s really happening. Sparks is in Molly’s childhood home, about to see the results of the DNA test. And Molly is on an unknown ship, strapped to an operating table. After putting her under, the masked doctors begin to make an incision on her stomach.[1]

Production Notes Edit

Grace Gummer (Julie Gelineau) was credited but did not appear; there was a reference to Julie.

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