"What on Earth Is Wrong?"
What on Earth is wrong
Season 1
Episode 05
Aired August 6, 2014
Recurring Tyler Hilton as Charlie Arthurs
Louis Gossett Jr. as Quinn Washington
Sergio Harford as Marcus Dawkins
Writer Peter Ocko
Director Dan Lerner
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"What on Earth Is Wrong?" is the fifth episode of season one of Extant on CBS. It first aired on August 6, 2014 at 10:00 pm EDT.

Synopsis Edit

It’s an all out search for Molly, as John and the police search for the missing astronaut and Ethan. John finds Molly passed out in a field with a deactivated Ethan beside her. The police check Molly’s vitals. There’s no fetal heartbeat. Did Sparks successfully end the pregnancy by surgically removing the baby?

Meanwhile, we find out in a blurry shower scene that John’s Lab Assistant, Julie, has robotic legs. Is she a Humanich, just like Ethan? That could explain their strong bond.

Molly sees a doctor who says there was no pregnancy. She’s healthy – but not pregnant. What happened? Was Molly hallucinating all this time? Determined to get answers, Molly and John go to see Molly’s friend Sam, but Sam acts like she never heard of Molly’s pregnancy. It seems Sparks’s threats did their trick. Molly tells her friend, “They better have a gun to your head,” letting Sam know that it’s obvious Sam is involved in a cover up.

Back at the lab, Julie and John stand vigil at Ethan’s side. He’s been “deactivated” and lies lifeless on a cold table. Taking a risk, John engages Ethan, trying to “restart” him. Ethan wakes up with a jolt but all he can say to his father is, “Who are you?” Then John turns him off again. John and Julie built Ethan together. Now that John and Molly adopted Ethan, he’s theirs. Not Julie’s creation anymore. Julie is jealous and she finally admits it to John.

Molly visits her boss, Sparks. She pretends that the whole pregnancy was a hallucination. She just wants to come back to work. Sparks agrees but Molly still clings to the belief that she was pregnant. She’s just back at work to try and discover the truth.

At John’s lab, Ethan suddenly comes back to life. He remembers his parents, Molly and John, and seems back to normal.

At Molly’s work, her lab Assistant, Danny, sends Molly a file from her mission in space. With Danny’s discovery of a new algorithm, Molly can see that something was there when she had her vision of Marcus, her ex-boyfriend. It’s not clear what it was – but she can see that something was with her in space.

Finally, Sparks visits a secret chamber, where he’s keeping Molly’s baby alive. “What is it,” asks Sparks?

A scientist simply responds: “It’s a boy.”[1]

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